3:00 pm Eastern  |  20:00 BST
Thursday, May 27th
A still and silent sacred space in a world of distractions. Come listen to the still, small voice within you and reconnect with your most precious vision.
  • Are you a creative high achiever with a dream that still eludes you?
  • Even after all you've achieved, do you long for something more?
  • Are you overcommitted, exhausted or unfulfilled?
  • Are you craving a quiet space where you can be who you already are? 
  • Would a virtual circle of soul-centered creatives nourish you now?
What do you long for?
 Make space and time to reflect on your deepest longing
Technology connects us. Yet we feel alone. Join an inspiring community where technology meets intimacy to empower the change you dream of.
Make space for the deep inner wisdom that gives you a solid foundation to build your authentic life on.
Stop, look and listen to what your heart already knows and has been trying to tell you.
 Reset your course to align your actions with your vision
 Define the specific steps to start moving forward
 Hold yourself accountable when you feel like quitting
 Identify beliefs and patterns that keep you stuck
Be nourished by an inspired creative community
About Katherine Robertson-Pilling
90 minutes of your time is a lot these days, especially at this time of year. Before you commit your time to me - and this personal centering session - let me introduce myself. After 20 years as an award-winning professional writer/producer in Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston, I changed my life completely. I moved to the South of France and wrote a book about the creative process - the one I had used in my work... and the one I was discovering in my life. This would mean nothing to you except that with every step of that crazy process, I learned what it takes to leave the status quo of your life and go after what you really want, overcome the fears and self-talk that have kept you stuck, create the work you've always been afraid to, and design and live a life that nourishes your soul. Then I began teaching and coaching other people how to do all these things. This is the year of authenticity for us all. And you are needed. Join us.
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